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Custom Content

Interactive, engaging, and fun.

Digitised Content

For maximum intake, training, and learning needs to be an enjoyable experience. This is achieved through customised, interactive, personalised learning content that is task and responsibility orientated.

Tailored solutions to suit your needs

   Customised Learning Experiences

In order to achieve frequent and effective learner engagement, the content needs to be entertaining, interesting, and manageable. The nature of the content should be experiential which allows the learner to immediately apply the new skill.

  Interactive Learning Content

The modern-day learner prefers micro-sized content nuggets presented in an interactive format.

Personalised Training Content   

Annual Compliance training is repetitive and often invokes a negative reaction with long-term staff members. This solution allows the learner to complete a pre-assessment and based on the results, provides a personalised content set to complete.

   Task & Responsibility Orientated

Designing content to appeal to each level within a corporate structure minimises confusion and has an immediate effect on efficiency and increased output. Content is work and task-related so that the learner can apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Virtual  Reality

Adds a completely different dimension by reshaping the learners’ training experience. It promotes the immersive training approach and enhances experiential learning content by adding a highly visual component. It allows users to interact and engage in accurate and realistic simulations in a fun and exciting way. Use cases for Virtual Reality include; simulating dangerous situations in a controlled environment, visual representation of complex theories and decision-making scenarios, etc.

Augmented Reality

The market focus is rapidly changing from classroom-based training to machine training due to the continuous drive for lower costing, time efficiency and readily available training interventions. AR-based content leads the evolution to transform the conventional “content push” to the more effective “content pull” approach. The learner “pulls” the content when required in a specific work-related situation, thus providing the learner with real-time and contextualised information. AR empowers learners to have the latest, updated training content within context when and where it is required.

3D Modelling & Videos

Videos ensure that content delivery is standardised, and the experience is consistent. Filmed media allows information to reach the masses, shortening the rollout process and reducing the average training cost per individual. Furthermore, concepts and content details are retained at a higher percentage, as information is chunked and target audience specific. The latest available software makes it possible to create interactive videos. The learner is required to decide throughout the scenario, which then alters the outcomes based on the decisions made. This provides a cause and effect experience which may differ every time.

Holistic integrated solutions

Integrate your operational improvement programs with Learning Management System (LMS)Integrated Change Management and Training Programmes.