Move, pack and maintain stock in a distribution centre/warehouse  

What is the purpose of this course?

This unit standard is for people who are responsible for moving, packing, and maintaining stock in a distribution centre/warehouse and maintaining safety and housekeeping standards.

What will I learn?

Qualifying learners will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate areas for packing stock.

  • Move stock to and pack stock in identified location.

  • Prevent shrinkage and losses while moving, packing, and maintaining stock.

  • Maintain stock in the distribution centre/warehouse.

What is the pre-requisite for this course?

It is assumed that you are competent in:

  • Communication at ABET NQF level 4.

  • Mathematical Literacy at  ABET NQF level 4.

If the learner packs stock using any form of machinery such as a forklift/conveyer belt, crane etc then he/she must meet the requirement for licensing before embarking on this unit standard.


*This skills programme is only available to learners currently employed with access to a warehouse/ DC/ storeroom where the practical observation can be undertaken.

How long will it take me?

120 Notional hours

(12 Credits. Each credit = 10 hours)

What do I get?

A certificate of competence and your results will be uploaded on the NLRD (National Learner Database)

SAQA QUAL ID:  117898

NQF Level:  2

Credits: 12


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