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Custom content

Interactive, engaging, and fun.

eLearning solutions

For maximum intake, training, and learning needs to be an enjoyable experience. This is achieved through customised, interactive, personalised learning content that is task and responsibility orientated.

Tailored solutions to suit your needs

   Customised learning experiences

In order to achieve frequent and effective learner engagement, the content needs to be entertaining, interesting, and manageable. The nature of the content should be experiential which allows the learner to immediately apply the new skill.

  Interactive learning content

The modern-day learner prefers micro-sized content nuggets presented in an interactive format.

Personalised training content   

Annual Compliance training is repetitive and often invokes a negative reaction from long-term staff members. This solution allows the learner to complete a pre-assessment and based on the results, provides a personalised content set to complete.

   Task & responsibility orientated

Designing content to appeal to each level within a corporate structure minimises confusion and has an immediate effect on efficiency and increased output. Content is work and task-related so that the learner can apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Our eLearning development steps

Project scoping 
& evaluation

Project scoping & evaluation

This is the first step. We evaluate your elearning goals, examine your existing training material to develop a project plan and budget to meet your training goals.

& design

Storyboard & design

Develop a storyboard for each section. We interperet your ideas and help you visualise them. This is a very important step in the planning stages. Template design with sample course look/feel to match your brand guide.

eLearning content

Content development

With the storyboard as refereance, we develop engaging, interactive and memorable learning experiences for all learning styles. Using elements such as voice over, audio, graphics, animations and videos.

& testing

Project publishing & testing

The course is then published, tested and evaluated before being rolled out to the client or end users.

Holistic integrated solutions

Integrate your operational improvement programs with Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Programmes.