Interpret & Apply International Commercial Terms (Incoterms)  

What is the purpose of this course?

The person credited with this Unit Standard will be able to demonstrate knowledge about international commercial terms, the roles and responsibilities regarding carriage, costs and risks and make recommendations regarding the usage of international commercial terms.

What will I learn?

Qualifying learners will be able to:

  • Identifying international commercial terms.

  • Identifying buyers and sellers’ responsibilities.

  • Making recommendations.


What is the pre-requisite for this course?

It is assumed that you are competent in:

  • Communication at NQF Level 2. 

  • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 2. 

How long will it take me?

30 Notional hours

(3 Credits. Each credit = 10 hours)

What do I get?

A certificate of competence and your results will be uploaded on the NLRD (National Learner Database)

SAQA QUAL ID:  252437

NQF Level:  3

Credits: 3


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