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APICS Principles Courses

The APICS Principles of Operations Management program has five customizable courses that are classroom-based and instructor-led for individuals new to materials and operations management.

In addition to the courses, as presented, the sessions in each course can also operate as stand-alone mini-courses or can be combined with other Principles course sessions to create a customized learning experience.

What's the Principles program?

APICS Principles is a complete education and training program focused on providing employees with a solid foundational knowledge in the field of supply chain and operations management. The program includes five course modules that are divided into sets of 11 sessions, including two exams. The courses focus on the principles, methods, techniques and language of operations management, and how different operations management strategies impact organizational outcomes and financial results. 

Is Principles right for your organization? 

The program is designed to fit the training needs of organizations with employees who have a variety of education backgrounds, varied on-the-job learning experiences and different learning requirements. Beyond basics, the courseware includes advanced topics for employees who already have a background in operations management. 

How does it work?

Each APICS Principles module can be taught as a complete course. Alternatively, organizations can select specific sessions from a course or combine sessions from multiple courses, to build completely customized training programs. APICS also offers recommended Principles courses of study that focus on building the knowledge required for specific job roles or addressing particular challenges. 

Start learning today. 

The APICS Principles program is designed to make it easy for your team to learn and advance. On-site, instructor-led courses and off-site options are both available. If you are interested in a world-class, fully customizable learning program created by the organization that sets the industry standard, contact us today. 

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APICS Principles Courses

1. Principles of Inventory Management (PIM)

  • Session 1: Operation Management – Foundations

  • Session 2: Fundamentals of Inventory Management

  • Session 3: Purpose and Function of Inventory

  • Session 4: Inventory Replenishment Management

  • Session 5: Additional Inventory Replenishment Techniques and Inventory Performance

  • Session 6: Mid-Term Exam

  • Session 7: Lean Inventory - Concept and Practice

  • Session 8: Fundamentals of Purchasing

  • Session 9: Sourcing Strategies

  • Session 10: PO Management and Performance Measurement

  • Session 11: Final Exam

2. Principles of Operations Planning (POP)

  • Session 1: Operation Management Foundations

  • Session 2: Planning Foundations

  • Session 3: Forecasting

  • Session 4: Demand Management

  • Session 5: Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Session 6: Mid-Term Exam

  • Session 7: Aggregate Operations Planning

  • Session 8: Master Scheduling Foundations

  • Session 9: Master Scheduling Processes

  • Session 10: Operations Systems

  • Session 11: Final Exam

3. Principles of Manufacturing Management (PMM)

  • Session 1: Operations Management Foundations

  • Session 2: Introduction to Manufacturing Management

  • Session 3: Manufacturing Product Structures

  • Session 4: Basics of Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Session 5: Managing with MRP

  • Session 6: Mid-Term Exam

  • Session 7: Capacity Planning and Management

  • Session 8: Production Activity Control

  • Session 9: Advanced Scheduling

  • Session 10: Lean Production Management

  • Session 11: Final Exam

4. Principles of Distribution and Logistics (PDL)

  • Session 1: Operations Management Foundations

  • Session 2: Introduction to Distribution and Logistics

  • Session 3: Channel Network Design

  • Session 4: Inventory Management

  • Session 5: Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

  • Session 7: Warehouse Management

  • Session 8: Packaging and Material Handling

  • Session 9: Transportation Management

  • Session 10: Transportation Operations

  • Session 11: Final Exam

5. Principles of Managing Operations (PMO)

  • Session 1: Operations Management Foundations

  • Session 2: Operations and Processes

  • Session 3: Project Management

  • Session 4: Product Design and Development

  • Session 5: Process Design Strategies

  • Session 6: Mid-Term Exam

  • Session 7: Total Quality Management

  • Session 8: Statistical Quality Control

  • Session 9: Process Improvement and Performance

  • Session 10: Organizational Management and Performance

  • Session 11: Final Exam