Blok$CM, a Game of Supply Chain Chemistry  

What will I learn?

  • How to define and implement a supply chain/s strategy.

  • The importance of planning in supply chain management and success.

  • How to design processes and information flow, as well as integrate supply (providers and suppliers) and demand (customers and consumers).

  • The importance of collaboration and relationship maintenance across the entire supply chain.

  • How to execute the supply chain strategy and plans within defined processes.

  • Problem-solving.


Is it for me?

This simulation brings more complex and theoretical supply chain management concepts into a real-life practice session. Blok$CM allows participants to experience first-hand what it takes to design, plan, execute, monitor, manage and correct a supply chain.

The simulation is based on a scenario where several organisations, competing in the same industry, need to design and operate their own supply chains to maximum advantage. Participants are assigned to each organisation and in turn, they will assume the roles required to run the organisations within the rules of the simulation. The various supply chains compete with each other in order to achieve the highest profit and maximum value for their customers.

What do I get?

Certificate of Attendance

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