Introduction to Warehousing  

What will I learn?

  • The different roles and processes in the warehouse, as well as their interdependence.

  • The importance of teamwork and communication between the different functions.

  • Problem-solving.

  • The impact of mistakes on profitability and productivity.


Is it for me?

This simulation has been designed to expose participants to different warehouse functions (i.e. receive, dispatch, etc.) and processes such as receiving, checking, inspection, put-away, picking, staging and dispatching.

Participants are given the opportunity to experience these processes in a simulated environment where they have to physically handle (i.e. receive, check, put-away, pick, move and dispatch) stock items, as well as work with related documentation within given time frames and customer requirements while competing with other teams. The emphasis of the simulation is to illustrate the inter-dependency of each role and related process, the importance of correct documentation and how the warehouse function fits into the bigger supply chain picture.

What do I get?

Certificate of Attendance

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