The Role of the Manager  

What is the purpose of this workshop?

This workshop specifies the knowledge and skills required to understand the relationship between junior management and other management roles in the organisation. 

Who can benefit from attending?

Managers of small businesses and junior managers of organisations will benefit from this workshop. Junior managers include, but are not limited to team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads. The position or term is used to describe the first level of management in an organisation at which an employee has other employees reporting to him/her.

What are the outcomes?

At the end of the workshop learners will be able to:

Describe the relationship of junior management to other roles

  • Explain the relationship between the type, ownership and size of an organisation and its management structure.

  • Explain the relationship between various management roles. 

Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary labour legislation that impacts on a business unit

  • Identify legislation that that regulates employment issues.

  • Understand of the main aspects of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) as amended, that relate to the management of a business unit.

  • Explain the requirements of the LRA in respect of interviews.

  • Understand the main aspects applicable to labour legislation. 

Identify responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met

  • Explain the role of a team leader.

  • Explain the purpose of a team.

  • Contract with a team to obtain commitment.

  • Monitor the achievement of team objectives. 

What is the duration of the workshop?

3 Days (7 hours per day)

What will I receive on completion?

A certificate of attendance

Your assessed workbook

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