Introduction to Despatch Stock from a Distribution Centre 

What is the purpose of this workshop?

This workshop is intended for people who needs to understand the despatching of stock from a wholesale or Retail Distribution Centre or Warehouse. Despatch could include transfer to stores, returns to suppliers and customer or customer orders.

Learners will also understand the implementation of security procedures to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by accurate despatching goods.

What are the outcomes? 

At the end of the workshop learners will be able to:

  • Simulate the most cost-effective route/s to deliver products. 

  • Simulate the preparation goods for despatch. 

  • Simulate the load of delivery vehicles. 

  • Understand the prevention of shrinkage and losses in the Despatching Area. 

What is the duration of the workshop?

3 Days (7 hours per day)

What will I receive on completion?

A certificate of attendance 

Certificate of attendance

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