What is the purpose of this workshop?

This workshop specifies the knowledge and skills required to manage a budget within the organisation.

Who can benefit from attending?

This workshop is intended for managers of small businesses and junior managers of organisations. 

What are the outcomes?

At the end of the workshop learners will be able to:

Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues

  • Use mathematics to plan and control financial instruments including insurance and assurance, unit trusts, stock exchange dealings, options, futures and bonds

  • Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including mortgage loans, hire purchase, present values, annuities and sinking funds

  • Investigate various aspects of costs and revenue including marginal costs, marginal revenue and optimisation of profit

  • Use mathematics to debate aspects of the national and global economy, including tax, productivity and the equitable distribution of resources.

Manage Expenditure against a budget

  • Explain the concept of budgeting pertinent to an area of responsibility.

  • Determine the elements of a budget relevant to an area of responsibility.

  • Monitor and controlling actual expenses (and revenue), against projected budget.

What is the duration of the workshop?

2,5 Days (7 hours per day)

What will I receive on completion?

A certificate of attendance 

Your assessed workbook

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